Canyoning in Hidden North Bali Waterfalls - with ICOpro Standards


Experience perfect adventures in Northeast Bali, a place that represents what Bali’s essence really is: a spiritual land where its people live in harmony with nature and where real & original experiences are still possible. The chosen locations are so unique, remote and special, that have been managed to stay under the radar and dodge development despite the booming tourism industry in Bali.

Price is per Person Inc. Transport, Breakfast & Lunch, Snacks, Best Standards Equipment, Professional Guide, Insurance, Toiletries, and Free Photos.

Canyoning is one for the most exciting adventure activities out there. A sport that involves the descent of a stream, river or gorge using rope techniques and a  combination of elements such as rappelling, jumping, sliding, swimming, down climbing, trekking and zip lining, canyoning can be experienced in all 5 continents.
Canyoning takes place in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Offering the gift of switching off and connecting with nature and our own selves, it is the perfect opportunity for an active, hands-on experience with all the safety and fun that you deserve. Adventure & Spirit is the only Indonesian canyoning company that follows the international standards by ICOpro, the International Canyoning Organization for Professionals. Learn more:

Conditions in Bali are perfect for first-time experiences: warm, sunny and adventurous, the canyons in the Island Of Gods are sure to leave everyone wanting more!


1. Shiva Canyon, 4 hours, Easy Level.

After a tasty breakfast to charge your energy in our base camp, a short local transfer takes you to the start of the approach trek. You start your experience with half-hour valley and jungle trekking to reach the start point of Shiva Canyon. After the ICOpro technical briefing, its possible to visit the holy meditation site inside Shiva Cave, where local healers and priests come to meditate for many months. A easy adventure, Shiva Canyon is not only canyoning: it’s a scenic discovery  experience accessible to everyone, different from all other canyons in Bali. It is an immersion in untouched Balinese jungle between 2 sections of river and jungle  trekking. Halfway through the descent, you discover the “Eden Garden”, the perfect place for a break while admiring the 50m-high Shiva Waterfall. A quick 2-minute walk brings you back to base camp for hot shower and lunch. 

  • Rappels: 4x (up to 12m)
  • Jumps: 1x (up to 3m, optional)
  • Slides: 1x (up to 3m, optional)
  • Swim: up to 15m
  • River trekking: up to 25min
  • Approach hike: 25min
  • Descent: 3.5hrs
  • Return: 2min
  • Minimum age: 12 years old

2. Shakti Mudah Canyon, 3 hours, Easy Level.

Shakti Mudah is the upper section of Shakti Canyon: experience the biggest rappels and amazing scenery of this canyon and finish at the beautiful Arjuna Campuan Waterfall. After getting your Canyoneer Initiation course with our ICOpro qualified Instructors and Assistants, you’re ready to challenge yourself and enjoy this adventurous canyoning trip in Bali. Shakti Mudah Canyon gives the opportunity to taste what canyoning is: an adventurous activity where the contact with nature and the environment is just as special as canyoning itself. You will wet while rappelling down waterfalls up to 33m high, including a special sliding rappel. At the end of this 2.5 hours tour, you can choose to continue down the lower section and complete Shakti Canyon (additional charge involved). The perfect canyon for large groups and for those with an average fitness level.

  • Rappels: 4x (up to 33m)
  • Jumps: 1x (up to 3m, optional)
  • Slides: N/A
  • Swim: up to 10m
  • Approach hike: 10min
  • Descent: 2.5hrs
  • Return: 15min
  • Minimum age: 14 years old

3. Shakti Canyon, 4 hours, Beginner Level (Best Seller).

Start with a tasty breakfast to charge your energy in our base camp located in Catur Valley at 1200m above sea level. A short local transfer will take us to the start of the approach trek. You’ll start your trip with 10 minutes downhill walk and jungle trekking to reach the start point of Shakti Canyon. After the ICOpor technical briefing, you’re ready to challenge yourself and enjoy this adventurous canyoning trip in Bali. Shakti Canyon is non-stop action from start to finish: rappel down waterfalls up to 33m high, fun jumps into pools (up to 7m high, optional), slide and float down the clean waters of the river, experience flying foxes and Tyroleans in this exclusive & unique canyon adventure. Shakti Canyon is our most-wanted and complete canyoning trip, with multiple rappels, repeated jumps and slides all packed in an adventurous and challenging day out for everyone. Suitable for all ability levels.

  • Rappels: 8x (up to 33m)
  • Jumps: 3x (up to 7m, optional)
  • Slides: 3x (up to 4m, optional)
  • Swim: up to 20m
  • River trekking: up to 15min
  • Approach hike: 10min
  • Descent: 3.5hrs
  • Return: 15min
  • Minimum age: 14 years old

    4. Maya Dewa Canyon (ca. 4h) - Intermediate Level (Most Wanted)

    Experience some of the most amazing waterfalls in Bali in our exclusive Maya Dewa canyon! Maya Dewa counts with 5 high-vertical rappels up to 35 m and includes Bali’s ONLY and longest waterfall zip line (50 m long). The rappels are located between 2 amazing river and jungle trekking sections when you also enjoy a 12m slide into a natural water pool (do it again if you love it!); your adrenaline will rise up exponentially during the descent. Maya Dewa will show you what the Bali Canyoning Team is all about. The force and beauty of its waterfalls, the surrounding environment, and the technical aspect that only our qualified ICOpro Instructors will teach you. By the end of it, you will become very good in canyoning progression. This trip takes approximately 4 to 4.5 hrs to descend and has it all: fun, adrenaline, technicality and the opportunity to experience the most famous waterfalls in the valley.

    • Rappels: 5x (up to 35m)
    • Zipline: 2x (up to 50m)
    • Jumps: 1x (up to 3m, optional)
    • Slides: 2x (up to 12m, optional)
    • Swim: up to 15m
    • River trekking: up to 20min
    • Approach hike: 10min
    • Descent: 3.5hrs
    • Return: 15min
    • Minimum age: 16 years old

    5. Tamata Canyon (ca. 6-7h) - Intermediate Level

    There is no other canyoning trip in Bali that can express what Tamata really is. It is absolutely unique: non-stop waterfall rappels, immersive scenery with its impressive Green Corridor, physically challenging, with 45 minutes of jungle trekking in the pure Balinese jungle just to get to its start point. Tamata is a complete immersion in Catur Valley where you will meet the real Balinese culture. Be surrounded in beauty during the amazingly beautiful return gorge. When people ask us what to do in Bali, we have one answer: Tamata canyon. Experience this 6-7 hours descent & be part of the Bali Canyoning Team. Tamata also includes jungle trekking and a fun return on the back of a motor bike (ojek) at the end of the canyon. It is no surprise that after many years exploring canyons and training canyoneers, Tamata remains the most incredible Bali canyoning descent & a favorite of the Bali Canyoning Team!

    • Rappels: 14x (up to 27m)
    • Jumps: N/A
    • Slides: N/A
    • Swim: N/A
    • Approach hike: 1hr
    • Descent: 4-5hrs
    • Return: 1hr
    • Minimum age: 18 years old

    6. Aling Gorge (ca. 5h) - Intermediate Level

    This trip takes place in another area of Bali (Desa Sambangan, North Bali) There is no approach hike: we literally jump straight into the canyon! Aling Gorge will amaze you from the beginning, with a first section filled with jumps & incredible scenery! As we progress further, the obstacles become more challenging. We will arrive at The Junction, where Bali’s legendary Canyon Of Fire joins Aling Gorge. This is one of the most amazing places in Bali, guaranteed! The day’s highest jump (14m, optional) brings us to the Bat Cave. From here onwards, it’s time to appreciate the scenery before we arrive at the famous Aling-Aling waterfall, a 40m monster that you will have the pleasure to rappel down. A short uphill hike takes us to the parking area. We will return to our base camp where you can have a shower, lunch and receive your free photos! Your driver will then take you back to your accommodation. A full day of adventure!

    • Rappels: 10x (up to 40m)
    • Jumps: 9x (up to 14m, optional)
    • Slides: 3x (up to 12m, optional)
    • Swim: up to 50m
    • Approach hike: N/A
    • Descent: 4.5-5hrs
    • Return: 20min
    • Minimum age: 18 years old

    7. Anahata Canyon (ca. 6h) - Intermediate Level

    This trip takes place in another area of Bali (Desa Sambangan, North Bali)
    Located above Aling Gorge, Anahata is a demanding descent that has it all: challenging rappels, exciting jumps and slides, as well as trekking amongst pristine scenery in the heart of Bali. You will feel like a real canyoneer and have a taste of what our world is about. Due to the nature of this descent, Anahata requires us to develop good teamwork, of which you are an integral part of. You will start with the ICOpro CAI training course, the perfect opportunity to learn canyoning! The upper section features nice rappels (up to 35m high) and is open and sunny. The second section takes us into a narrow and deep gorge, featuring nice jumps and technical rappels. The ability to swim is compulsory and a good level of fitness is desired.

    • Rappels: 15x (up to 35m)
    • Jumps: 7x (up to 8m, optional)
    • Slides: 3x (up to 8m, optional)
    • Swim: up to 50m
    • Approach hike: 15min
    • Descent: 5.5hrs
    • Return: 5min
    • Minimum age: 18 years old


    • A booking must be made at least 24 hours before the activity
    • Cancellation 48 hours before the activity full refund, 24 hours before the activity partial refund, during activity no refund.
    • Operator will confirm with you your booking. If you don't receive confirmation within 12h check your spam folder or please send email to
    • Pick up is between 05:30am - 06:30am
    • Private transportation can be arranged based on requests Rp. 500.000,- per car (please send an email if you wish to have this service)
    • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit is best
    • Bring Extra set of Clothes
    • You can bring your own waterproof camera if desired (i.e. Gopro), the vendor will give free photos after the activity
    • Bring high capacity memory card or usb to save your free photos 
    • Please provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg) and SHOE SIZE at the time of Booking (in the note section)
    • Activity depends on weather conditions. On the day of activity, guides will check conditions at 5.30am and reconfirm with you the tour. If tour gets canceled due to weather conditions in the morning, a new day will be proposed. Safety FIRST.
    • Minim. 2 highly experienced guides will accompany you
    • The ability to swim is not a requirement because of the wet-suit and swimming vest. If you can't swim, you should at least not be afraid of water since you have to jump and float.


    • Return transfer from accommodation anywhere in Bali
    • Complete canyoning equipment from top manufacturers (Adidas, Petzl, Edelrid, Black Diamond)
    • High performance CE-standard canyoning rope from Korda’s
    • Supervision from 2 ICOpro certified professionals
    • ICOpro Canyoneer certification
    • Personal accident insurance up to USD 25,000/pax
    • All-you-can-eat vegan/vegetarian breakfast and lunch
    • Fresh fruits & snacks
    • Unlimited mineral water
    • Hot shower / towel / soap / shampoo
    • Free photos

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