Canyoning & GitGit Waterfalls

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Price is per Person Including Transport, Lunch, Equipment.

An incredible extraordinary experience that combines nature, action, and fun in a unique way. Tours are including hotel transfer, lunch and snack. Natural slides, cliff jumping, climbing down's too much fun to miss when you are in Bali.

If you love nature, action, water and like to do something that is truly special then sign up for one of these incredible tours. For all tours you need to be fit enough to hike, and not be afraid to jump into water pools :-) But you don't need to be an excellent swimmer.


1. Tukad Yeh LAMPAH (ca. 2-2.5h), beginner, (easy to medium)

The easiest of the three canyoning tours (1.5 to 2h in the canyon).  Perfect choice for families with kids, and beginners and those who want to experience the wonders of this canyon at an easier level.

Still, you will enjoy all elements of canyoning:

  • 4 m cliff jump
  • 6m abseiling (rappeling)
  • 6m natural slide and some swimming floating through natural pools

2. Tukad Yeh ANAKAN (ca. 2.5-3h), pre-intermediate - most popular

The medium level of the three canyoning tours (2.5 to 3h in the canyon) and the most popular. Perfect choice for anybody, who wishes to experience the perfect blend of adventure, physical activity, nature and thrill. Enjoy all elements of canyoning:

  • 8 m cliff jump
  • 10m abseiling (rappeling)
  • 4m natural slide
  • many more smaller jumps, slides, rappeling, and of course swimming and floating through natural pools. Including Natural Hot Spring Pools!

3. Tukad Yeh SUDHAMALA (ca. 3-3.5h) - intermediate

The advanced level of the three canyoning tours (4 to 4.5h) and the most spectacular. Tukad Yeh Sudhamala. Ready to experience the tour you won't forget. Nature and thrill. Enjoy all elements of canyoning:

  • 8 m cliff jump
  • 15m abseiling (rappeling)
  • 4m natural slide
  • 35m Flying Fox (Zip-Line) 
  • and many more smaller jumps, slides and rappeling and of course swimming and floating through natural pools. 

4. Tukad Yeh CAMPUHAN (ca. 4-4.5h) - pre-advanced

It is basically a combination of three trips (Tukad Yeh Anakan, Tukad Yeh Lampah and Tukad Yeh Sudamala). Trekking path to the starting point is about 15 minutes. During this trip you will experience all the wonders of canyoning with exciting jumps, slides, abseiling with a rope, swimming in natural pools (also natural hot springs). It's a magical experience.

5. Nirmala Canyon (ca. 4-4.5h) - pre-advanced

 A natural and perfect canyon with beautiful view of coffee forest. Once you have done this trip, means you have done everything about canyoning. Rappeling (abseiling) in various waterfalls, and also a great selection of fun slides.

6. Tukad Aling-aling (ca. 4-5h) - advanced

Along the activity you will see natural view of rice fields and bat cave. Aling-aling waterfall is definitely one of the most beautiful in Bali. Cliff jumping at this waterfall is one of the must-dos from this trip. Absolutely a total pump for your adrenaline rush.

7. Tukad Api-api (ca. 8h) - very advanced

This particular canyoning trek is the most challenging one and require strong physique to accomplished. You will be taken to several waterfalls with different level and height. And get ready for flowing, sliding, trekking, jumping and swimming in the water.  



  • Operator will confirm with you your booking. If you don't receive confirmation within 12h check your spam folder or please send email to
  • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit is best
  • Bring Extra set of Clothes
  • You can bring waterproof camera if desired (i.e. Gopro)
  • Bring high capacity memory card or usb to save your free photos (also available for purchase on site)
  • Please provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg) and SHOE SIZE at the time of Booking (in the note section)
  • Kids must be 16y or older
  • Activity depends on weather conditions. On the day of activity, guides will check conditions at 5.30am and reconfirm with you the tour. If tour gets canceled due to weather conditions in the morning, a new day will be proposed or full refund will be granted. Safety FIRST.
  • Minim. 2 highly experienced guides will accompany you
  • The ability to swim is not a requirement because of the wet-suit and swimming vest. If you can't swim, you should at least not be afraid of water since you have to jump and float.


  • Full canyoning equipment of highest quality (helmet, shoes, socks, wetsuits, canyoning harness and gloves optional)
  • Experienced guides
  • You will be picked up in the morning and dropped off at your hotel in the evening after a fun filled action-day
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • GoPro Pictures and Footage
  • Shower & Towel Rental

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